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Flooring Installation

Your floors can affect the functionality and aesthetics of your interior or outdoor space. Poorly installed flooring may pose safety risks to people or create an unwelcoming ambiance. These can be avoided by selecting the right type of flooring material during the construction of your home or commercial property. If you are doing a home renovation, make sure to replace the old flooring with a better material. Lastly, hire a competent and experienced flooring installation company! Read more about Flooring Installation »

Tile Flooring

If you will consider the advantages and benefits of tile flooring, you will not think twice choosing this material. Tiles are affordable, available in a wide range of designs, long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring materials, and eco-friendly. But you will need expert hands to install this type of flooring in your home or property. And here at Moriarty Floor Covering, Inc., we can help you with this task! Read more about Tile Flooring »

Laminate Flooring

For a cost effective flooring options why not consider laminate flooring? It has become very popular these days because there are so many more choices and in particular those products that imitate the look of hardwood flooring. You can have a floor that looks like real wood for a fraction of the price! Read more about Laminate Flooring »

Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to indoor flooring material options there really is none more popular than hardwood flooring. There are many reasons why hardwood is a front runner for indoor flooring and some of those include aesthetics, durability, ease of installation and very easy to keep clean and maintain. Read more about Hardwood Flooring »

Carpet Flooring

It is no surprise that carpet flooring is one of the most popular choices for indoor flooring. It has so many wonderful qualities that we love like being warm and comfortable to walk on. There are a wide variety of choices even when it comes to carpets and the scale of cost is also large. Talk to a company like us here at Moriarty Floor Coverings today and we will give all the information you require to make the right choice for your flooring! Read more about Carpet Flooring »

Floor Covering

There are so many options for your indoor floors. Some of the more popular options include carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tiles and laminate flooring. Each of these flooring materials have their own benefits and we can help you choose the right type of flooring material for your specific application and budget! Read more about Floor Covering »

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